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About Our Cattery

“Good Morning, Good Morning,…..” he was hurriedly rushing to
my home office every morning around 8 am just to say “Hello” to
me. He never missed his morning routine unless he was sick. His
name was Winston. Winston was a young British short hair (BSH)
male cat. His love, loyalty and human-like friendship is forever
Winston inspired us to produce the same kind cats so that more
people will enjoy their great personalities and bringing most joy to
their families for many years to come.
We name our cattery as “SMILING CATS” . It is a small hobby
cattery devoted to produce British-Chinchilla cats with Koala like
fur as possible. Our breeding pairs mostly came from Europe
with countless championship line. All kittens receive
introductory vaccinations.
Although BSH cats are pretty independent, yet BSH young cats
can be in love each other like Romeo and Juliet. We witnessed
that they frequently talk each other.
Most of our BSH cats have cream white fur or shaded with
silver color We are sure that you will have no regret to adopt
our sweetest kittens. At this time, we also have some adult
breeding cats for adoption too .
We thank you for your time and interests to visit our site. We
wish you the best luck and happiness forever.

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