"A Cute Kitten - the Best Gift for ALL!

We Breed Pure British Short Hair Cats

Our Story

Winston (Our Cat) inspired us to produce the same kind cats so that more people will enjoy their great personalities and bringing most joy to their families for many years to come.

What We Do

to produce British-Chinchilla cats with Koala like fur as possible. Our breeding pairs mostly came from Europe with countless championship line. All kittens receive introductory vaccinations.



    Hope all is well for you, just wanted to send you a few pictures  of Frank (Elvis) his doing excellent, he's already adapted to our  home and he is extremely happy.  I told you I would send you pictures  of him, so here they are ! Thank you so much for giving us such  precious boy he is everthing we ever dreamed !

Iheny,  Houston, Texas

Hi, Jane.   This is Melanie.  I wanted to send you a few pics  I’ve taken of Echo. He is fittiing in great, and is already playing  with our other babies ! Our persian has already been snuggling  and cleaning him.  We’re I love and so appreciate of the love you  gave him !  You can tell he was super loved on !

Melanie A. ,  Dallas, Texas

Edward is a sweet well behaved kitten.  He is the perfect  companion and Jane was wonderful to work with.  I would buy  another kitten from  Jane again. This breed is extraordinary  and her cats are high above the competition.  I highly  recommend this Cattery to anyone who is  looking for a sweet  and loyal pet.  Edward is all I could ask for and more, and  I’m so lucky I found Jane.

Lindsey M.  , Austin , Texas

This week I got a cute cat “Elite” from smiling british short  cat breeder.  She is so cute and vivacious.   I like her so much. The owner of cat breeder is a very good lady.  She takes care  of all  of cats. She treated the cats as if they were her own  children. And she patiently answered all the questions  I wanted to know.

T.   Chen ,    Brooklin, New York

Hello Smiling British Short Hair Cats Team,

     Thank you so much for all the work you are doing.  

Your cats are absolutely gorgeous and incredibly adorable.

Birce  T. ,  Bay Area,  California

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